Author Topic: Are Antivirus enough to protect PC  (Read 10236 times)


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Are Antivirus enough to protect PC
« on: February 10, 2012, 07:05:27 AM »
Security is becoming one of the major concerns in Technology at present. Be it a standalone PC or a high end server, protecting your system from various threats and attacks is vital. As technology advances, the security issues also rises up, thereby making it complex to protect PCs. Everyday new malwares and spywares are spreading over the Internet. Businesses should look into a cloud security solution for network-wide protection that actively removes malware from shared files and greatly decreases system vulnerabilities.

In the beginning only Antivirus solutions were enough to protect a PC, but now it is just not enough. Due to the wide use of the Internet, an user needs to install best Internet Security to fully protect the computer. You may question why would Internet Security be required when there is antivirus installed.

The truth is most of the anti –virus software might be good at detecting and removing virus present in your system, but one must not forget the online medium. We use Internet for communication, banking, e-commerce and lot more important tasks. Your antivirus may not be capable to protect your Internet actions. And for this reason Internet Security is required. They have enhanced features like protecting your online identity, vulnerabilities, threats and exchange antispam.

There are many popular Internet Security applications available in the market. Some of the top rated softwares from Internet Security reviews are Kaspersky Internet Security, BitDefender Internet Security and McAfee Internet Security. These applications have Anti-virus embedded with them, so you don’t need to separately install an antivirus. Most of the Internet security softwares are available for 40 to 50 US dollars (3 computer license versions).

Firewall is yet another important tool that is required to protect a PC. Internet Security applications mostly has Firewall present with them like antivirus. Also there are standalone Windows Firewall software present in the market. One of my personal favorite is ZoneAlarm. Few years back ZoneAlarm was a popular Firewall applications, but at present its popularity has been degrading due to the competition from other Firewall software such as Comodo, Kaspersky and BitDefender. If you are seeking for good protection from both virus and online threats, it is advisable to opt for an application that has Internet Security, Firewall and Antivirus tools in it.
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