Author Topic: Emerging Communications for Wireless Sensor Networks  (Read 15854 times)


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Emerging Communications for Wireless Sensor Networks
« on: January 10, 2012, 02:41:35 PM »

Anna Foerster | Alexander Foerster |
InTech, 2011

Book Catagory : Electrical And Electronic
Language : English
270 Pages - 7.88 MB

Wireless sensor networks are deployed in a rapidly increasing number of arenas, with uses ranging from healthcare monitoring to industrial and environmental safety, as well as new ubiquitous computing devices that are becoming ever more pervasive in our interconnected society. This book presents a range of exciting developments in software communication technologies including some novel applications, such as in high altitude systems, ground heat exchangers and body sensor networks. Authors from leading institutions on four continents present their latest findings in the spirit of exchanging information and stimulating discussion in the WSN community worldwide.
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