Author Topic: Hard Drive Data Recovery - What Is It?  (Read 10760 times)


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Hard Drive Data Recovery - What Is It?
« on: February 15, 2013, 08:12:16 AM »
Hard drive data recovery is a method used to get back data and information from a corrupt or faulty hard drive. Under normal circumstances, the drive cannot be accessed by the computer and needs specialist tools. The problem with the disk could be physical damage or faults, logical or data corruption or device misconfiguration due to user error that has cause the data to be lost.

Most modern hard disks have moving parts inside (apart from SSD drives). Common physical issues include motors stopping working or jamming of the components. Any physical damage to the hard drive could lead to data loss or corruption. Losses that are caused by logical faults are more common and include issues caused by power outage, computers crashing and continued problems with computer hardware. Any of these things can cause bad data to be written to the hard disk, increasing the possibility of data loss.

An average Joe computer user will not be able to recover information from a hard drive with a physical fault. The internal components of a disc can be degraded by dust if the cover is taken off the drive for any reason. If the issue is a physical fault, the only option you have is to send the disk to a specialist data recovery company who will be able to help. Companies that specialise in this field will have dedicated "clean rooms" where the hard disk can be disassembled and repaired whist maintaining it's integrity.

If the problem is logical, such as a attempting to recover a deleted file, the end user can use many different software tools available to them at little cost (or free). This data recovery software will also help you recover from virus infections, system crashes and accidental configuration changes that end up losing data.

These are most commonly used to un-format a hard disk where someone has accidentally deleted the main system partitions, get back a deleted file, access a non-bootable or unresponsive hard disk or USB memory drive or gain access to files that were created on different operating systems.

The software is also designed to be very non-technical and can be used by the average computer user without any problems. Some of this kind of software also creates automatic backups of your data as you go along, so it's use is invaluable for most people.

Many people do not take data loss seriously. Think about how many digital photos you have on your computer. The components, including the hard drive are not meant to last for ever. Make sure you back up as often as possible to help prevent against data loss.

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