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20 ways to save Laptop Battery Life
« on: January 29, 2012, 12:04:52 PM »
Implement the below 20 steps to improve and save your laptop battery and extend battery life. Laptop battery power can be saved by a huge amount using the below guidelines.
Ways to extend Laptop Battery Life

1. Reduce the brightness of the screen

With dim screen less power is consumed so that their  is few priceless minutes that you can save. Changing brightness of the laptop will save the battery to a considerable level.

2. Avoid Multitasking

Run what you need , if when two or more application runs in the background your laptop consume more memory in turn more battery. Donít run high memory consuming applications in the background such as Flash and Java.

3. Avoid connecting external devices

Devices like Thumb-drives and Flash drive even consumes energy when you leave it plugged  in ,your mouse also needs energy from your laptop for it to work. So unplug additional devices when not in use.

4. Use hibernate or Standby mode whenever its possible

Try to switch to stand by mode whenever you are not using it from few minutes and hibernate when your not gona use is for couple of hours.

5.Turn off all auto save setting

You may have noticed auto save options in couple of software available today well using them may consume a bit more power than you really think. Its better you turn them off.

6.Always have a empty CD/DVD drive when its not in use

Remember to take off the disk from your CD-ROM when its not use,if not the hard drive tend to access it every once in a while and drain your batteries life.
10154778 ibm 40y6799 laptop battery 20 ways to save Laptop Battery Life

Save Laptop Battery

7.Avoid using speakers if  you donít really need it

Try to avoid using speakers as much as possible when you really donít have to use it. Speakers do consume a greater part of current.

8.Preserve your Battery

Remove the battery if its not used for a longer time and  when using the laptop through power cord, so no longer need a battery.

9.More RAM

When purchasing a laptop choose wisely and get more RAM along with it ,more RAM means virtual memory will not be used more often.

10.De fragment hard drive

De fragmenting hard drive will arranges the files in a sequence which make the hard drive to get the required file in lesser time using lesser power.

11.Turn off the WI-fi and blue-tooth

Wifi , Blue Tooth and Infra Red can be disabled when they are not in use.

12. Use backup Battery
20 ways to save Laptop Battery Life

Extend Battery Life

If you have a backup battery with you at least use it for every two to three weeks

13. Use software to optimization

In the present computers you have options to monitor and allocate effective battery usage and other power saver features.

14. Shut Down your laptop when not needed

When you donít need the laptop , shut it down instead of putting it in stand by mode. Stand by mode do consume power. Configure the monitor switch off option safely to turn off the monitor after few idle minutes.

15. Clean your battery

Do clean your battery in a frequent while by Cleaning the batteryís metal contacts by rubbing alcohol with a damp cloth. Clean contacts increase the energy efficiency.

16. Avoid heating

Keep your laptop in a properly ventilated place and make sure it doesnít cross the threshold temperature. Click here to read 10 ways to reduce CPU Temperature.

17.Use simple application

Use applications that consume less RAM and intern consume less power. Try avoiding Flash and Java based programs, in cases where you really donít want to use them.

18. Take regular breaks

If your battery level is running really low just take a break and try to use it  without the external mouse (if you do use one),so that it gives you vital time that you need one.
ibm laptop battery 20 ways to save Laptop Battery Life

Extend Laptop Battery Life

19.Use the original Power Cord

Use the power cord which comes along with the battery for recharging,When using a Li-Ion batteries it must must be fully discharged and then recharged every 2-3 weeks.

20. Overclocking can be done

Overclocking is not advisable,Overclocking is the process of running a computer component at a higher clock rate than it is designed to run.
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