Author Topic: Optemization Web hosting of the role of search engines  (Read 7449 times)


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Optemization Web hosting of the role of search engines
« on: January 16, 2012, 07:08:41 AM »
There are many good search engine is written in the Bengali apatimaijesanera above, but as discussed above hostim organization's role is to listen. Sitting here, I just write. Now go do some work on the web hostim has millions of his subjects - E is the light post.

Many people think the two most important content web host on the time of purchase. Some of the issues surrounding the concept of Web hostim samyaka should be purchased.
Apatimaijesane Web hostim of the role of search engines

- What is the amount of hard disk space will be in?

- Monthly or bandwidth is available?

- Monthly / yearly than kharacata that much?

But there are some basic things you should also think about anekakichui. Unlimited Web hostim planera big problem with most search engines to apatimaijesana. Generally, your web server for providing a number of websites are run together. The site has hundreds of the same aipite. The quality of your site's search engine on top of these sites may be dependent apatimaijesana sometimes. The sites are a huge danger if the site will be skyama. It may not be obtained without a search engine apatimaijesana.

Search engine services in the same organization and site, it can take on the same IP saitaguloke. On the same server IP address black list any site for the search injinagulo. This is because of all the sites that your site can also be black listed. Apatimaijesanera still faster than a search engine robot may not index your site.

Many companies provide free hostim. Generally, these sites continue to be the same aipite. If they are not receiving free hostim who runs the site and if you do not accept that if you hostim aipibhukta free from the danger of asankhya.

Similarly, sites as well as server / aipibhukta is where your free / share hostim sudrsti Very few people can easily search engines.

The site is the best solution is to run its own IP address. And the monthly payments you will own the IP. IP address of each monthly ninma bisbasera hostim of every dollar that is usually kept. Reseller, or dedicated server with a lot of time bhipiesa IP can provide two or more free. Countries can bhedeo Web hostim special role. You can expect much more to discuss these matters will be addressed later. You can share your experiences in comments section of this bepare apatah.
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