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Best Data Security
« on: February 15, 2012, 12:54:14 PM »
Best Data Security - Plextor PX-880SA
"Plextor PX-880SA 24x SATA DVD Burner"ŠImage Courtesy PriceGrabber
Most people who burn data to CDs and DVDs consider them disposable because they are so inexpensive. The problem is that the data once recorded to the media isn't easy to erase, especially with the one time recordable media. Plextor is one of the companies that has developed a utility called PlexErase that ships with their drives to help make data on previously burned CDs and DVDs inaccessible, effectively erasing them. So, if data security is highly important to you, the Plextor PX-880SA drive is certainly the one to consider. The drive has good performance to with its 24x DVD+/-R recording speeds. It also supports burning to LightScribe compatible media. Priced around $40.
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