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Phrilyansim "currently a hot topic for the tense of the Internet users, particularly for Asian countries. In our country till the last phrilyansim Affairs of the survey - which has seen progress. It is good luck for the people of our country that we are now working in another country for their own basei can earn the necessary money, although not everyone in the successful. Behind most successful because it is not less within the English-speaking, and be patient, becomes rich overnight (!!), thinking outside one's own ability to work with them (that does not go to work), there is not even in the hard bhiti The work of the tribes.

How to become rich overnight, but as a fool cintata type thinking, manusara outside the country (developed) countries other than the (relatively less developed) karacche their work to reduce costs. They do not make it for the money bag, a work that many people will not apply to normal, and most of them will not break up with your own seratuku go, all the work that you do not sit emati it. It looks like a lot of work and the application of the very few sankhyakai phrilyansararao the work. You can apply every day of the project, and that would work for the good work and good behavior by showing that the sample can be drawn only if you get the job, that you will not. Paralei but only 4-5 months, the quality of work and the work is not required.

Maybe ... but today, wiping more than the chatter of the discussion that if you do it as a freelance writer, which you will want to build your own carrier -

Career as a Freelance Writer freelance writer you want to build? You will know how to proceed ... | Techtunes

1. Raitaradera freelance writing job is the only aratikela, Blog Writing, Content Creation, aratikela riraita, books, writing, etc., nor can they be different, but they are a professional working in the department. If you are a freelance writer before, you may need to be proficient in English, English skills are not good if you can not be a freelance writer.

Year. Phrilyansim before the start of the work itself should be run, and then automatically written to the start of the topic, and then write about it, write about the difficult challenge to yourself, your skills will atnabisbasa.

3. Gramarera every time I have a special look, a lot of time on your behalf up to your mistake may not be possible, but there are a variety of tools, Grammar Checker, Grammar check, they can get through.

4. Every day, but less than 10 words in the lexicon to learn, and your voices will sound.

5. Good quality and good bloggers, book writers frequently refer to a book, The bisaiye knowledge of their basic rights.

6. If you are a freelance writing prophesana side who would like to take a large project (500 tarao aratikela or more) will not work. He was unable to work due to risk, usually minor, such as 5-100 aratikelera project will work, you will be able to end it katadine and then apply yourself to the plan.

7. Aratikela professional writer, who are generally large group of the project, meaning that it has some of the benefits available.

8. Emanati bhababena that you never have to submit kape aratikela paste they give you money to build. If you need to copy and paste aratikeleri they were by themselves, but they ll be copied, copy and paste the niscai karabena they give you money;)

9. Aratikela iunikiu you want, but never using any type of software or transaletarera riraita to induce banabena iunikiu not, because it is so hands off iunikiu, the tip of the head, but not, unless the text is not acceptable, because it is written bhasagata error, sabdika error It would be wrong with. Therefore, those who harbor such feelings that they have aratikela riraita the attitude correction.

10. Aratikela riraita project seems to do it manually, do not use any software or translate, if you get the money in the hands of 0.00%. I hope it does.

11. Always try to do a certain kind of writing, many people think that all the text on the same, but it's wrong. Many people write their own blog wants to, that it wants to print magazines, many books written by the write. Each of these cases, the value, quality and styaila different, that the way in which they've just wants to be in writing.

1. Writing of the application before the application that has a good quality of aratikela iunikiu sample of the day, but never forget that the sample application, visit any web site, do not go, emanati will reduce the possibility of getting a job, but if you have any portaphalio website (which is whether all of the professional aratikela raitarerai), but also want to say, please do not link to anything other than his own portaphalio.

13. Do not think of myself never trivial, as the quality of your pratidbandbira lekhakai are not always feel that they do not match.

Because they are the same as the one time you were, slowly, they will improve it.

14. I feel I have a big, good-quality text seems to work the more work you can get bayarera occurred.

15. Do not neglect any of the work seems to induce a given period of time before the end of your work at the Grammar Checker and Spell Checker to induce prupharida or error in the text.

16. It may be kathika lekhate about, then you should know about some of the paralekha, it will be lekhate facility, that does not matter if you never write about an idea I can not write. So that he or she should write about and for more information, visit various forums and blogs, it will be clear with your idea.

17. The text of your comment is not never dharabena. For example, you might like projects that have received the Michael jyakasanake yemtate to write, but you do not like Michael jyakasanake;), and his own opinion, because if you highlighted in your text that I do not like him, he is karase, the karase, then It will not be acceptable in your project, so I do not have time paksyapatitba.

18. If the project is minor when yemanah 200-500 words, and writing about it, but if you type before you enter the draft.
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