Author Topic: Improve your typing speed with games  (Read 5348 times)


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Improve your typing speed with games
« on: February 09, 2012, 08:41:42 AM »
Need a fun way to improve your typing speed, well here is a collection of the online Typing games, that can improve your typing speed.  Check out some of the typing games.
Bubble Typing Game

This game pops up bubbles with a particular character between and you got to press the particular key inorder to break the bubble and it must be done before the bubble can reach the top. The game sets a limit of 10 misses, you can score as much as you can before missing 10 bubbles, the game difficulty increases with increase in time. Click here to play Bubble Typing Game

 KeyMan Typing Game

This is the classic PacMan Game , being modified, here you cannot use your arrow keys to navigate around, but each of a key character will be associated with each of the direction and the Pacman moves in the direction of the key being pressed. But this game is not so impressive as the Bubbles game. Click here to play KeyMan Typing Game.

 Trick or Type
This game starts with four ghosts carrying a bag each, and pumpkins fall from the sky, each pumpkin has a word engraved in it, and when you type the word, the pumpkin turns into a candy, incase you failed to do so, the pumpkin kills the Ghost, God this is the limit, I cannot imagine there are such funny games over the Internet icon biggrin Improve your typing speed with games . Click here to play Trick or Type

 Keyboard Revolution
The Game as is sounds is based on Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game, but with a difference here you can see a Duck dancing instead of a human(no offense), hit the keys and make the duck dance, My point of view incase you are above 15 years old, never try this game, It got me so irritated. Click here to play KeyBoard Revolution.

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