Author Topic: Tune in! Is it a Radio??  (Read 9820 times)


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Tune in! Is it a Radio??
« on: February 05, 2012, 08:42:36 AM »
Tune in! , call it a radio ,call it  a mobile app, or a internet radio for PC everything combines and there you have it, this is a all in on broadcast portal. it works as a online global radio portal for streaming music, user can now listen to radio, podcasts, record music and thereís whole bunch of other  things that it offer .First the main feature about this is that itís a online radio where you can choose from a wide rage of genre from over 50,000 channels across the world and choose any radio station from anywhere, the best part of it is you can be in any part of the world and listen to any radio station in any part of the globe. it has a lota bunch of station that you can choose from and with wide rage of categories.SC20111005 080842 240x300 Tune in! Is it a Radio??

Tune in also offers you to promote your station as well as listen to podcast and lets you record songs and play it again later, thatís my personal favorite. Recording songs happens only if you happen to purchase the pro version. It pretty much covered everything from music to sport, news, talk shows and also includes boasting and podcasting. So how it works is just select the station that you want to listen bookmark it on your favorites for easy access, it also allows you to buy music if the user like what they listening to, also it allows you to share which station that the user is currently listing on facebook and also allows to tweet the song that the user might currently listen. User can now search a particular song they like and if itís playing in any of the radio then it can be streamed and listened in the live radio! Is that cool or what.

From just a simple online streaming radio version it moved to different forms and now it available as a major  app versions, itís available for android mobiles, apple Iphone, BlackBerry and windows mobile as a app. to get the app on the mobile device just search tune in on the app market.listening  to the radio is absolutely free so happy listening.
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