Author Topic: Best tools to fix an Infected PC  (Read 9632 times)


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Best tools to fix an Infected PC
« on: February 03, 2012, 08:17:12 AM »
Autorun Eater

With most of the virus in drives being evoked by autorun, this particular tool can remove the autorun feature of both static and removable disk drives. Though autorun feature can be disabled without any tools, sometimes virus can block the action. In such cases this tool can be a great reliever.

Download Autorun Eater

Process Explorer

The inbuilt task manager in windows does not provide enough information about the resources used by the process. It simply displays the process lists and the memory of CPU load it occupies. With such information, its really hard to find out which process is accessing the particular folder or file. But Process Explorer solves this issue by providing complete information on each process, its resources and handles.
Download Process Master


Runscanner is a freeware that can perform a complete analysis on your computer and generate all possible malwares. It can also detect any change in configuration of the computer caused by virus, trojans or malwares. The software is powered with a process killer tool and a registry tool.

Download RunScanner
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