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Everest Complete PC Diagnostics
« on: January 29, 2012, 12:23:24 PM »
Everest Complete Diagnostics is a perfect tool to analyze your Computer Hardware and Software information. In additional to the details that you get from the System Information in Windows, Everest Complete Diagnostics is built with additional tools that can analyze your computer to the next level.
Features of Everest Complete Diagnostics

    Provides detail about CPU, its Instruction Set, Alias, Stepping, CPU Multiplier, L1 Cache, L2 Cache,L3 Cache, CPU Package Type, Package Size, Transistors, Technology, Die Size, GMCH Transistors, Power, CPU Manufacturer and Product Information from Company site.
    Details about Turbo Boost Information, CPU Thermal properties, Data Execution Prevention, Power Management.
    Mother Board details such as ID , name, Bus Type, Real Clock, Effective Clock, QPI Clock, Bus Width, Bandwidth can be obtained.
    Memory, Cache, Swap Space and Virtual Memory information.
    Provides all details of Chipset, BIOS and ACPI with the most precise value.
    Operating System details such as OS Version, Key, ID, Uptime and process details, services list, priority.
    Complete server analysis and details retrieval.
    Full details about the Display, with Graphics Card and all multimedia content and devices.
    Hard Disk details such as Form factor, weight, seek time, rotational speed, interface, buffer size and spin up time of hard disk.
    The best feature of Everest is the benchmark feature. With Everest Complete Diagnostics you can benchmark some of your hardware such as Memory Read, Memory Write, Memory Copy Test, System Stability Test, Disk Benchmark, Memory Benchmark and Complete Monitor Diagnostics.

Download Everest Complete Diagnostics

Download Everest PC Diagnostics : Trial Version
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