Author Topic: More Navigation Shortcut Tricks with Windows Logo Key in Windows 7  (Read 10786 times)


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This post describes some of the not known but cool shortcut features in Windows 7 using the Windows Logo Key. In addition to the basic keyboard shortcuts using Windows key such as Window Key + R (Run Command), Window Key + Tab (3D navigation), there are some more good keyboard shortcuts which are not known to the regular users.
Browse Between Windows in Start Menu

This is actually a time saving shortcut in Windows 7, especially when you have a pile of applications opened.

Shortcut Key : Window Key + <number>

systemTray More Navigation Shortcut Tricks with Windows Logo Key in Windows 7

When you press the Window key along with any number in the keyboard, the respective application in that start menu will be opened. For example in the below image, clicking on Window Key + 2 will open Google Chrome. The reason is items 1 and 2 are Windows Explorer ( same application) and hence they are grouped together. The number you specify is the order of the item present in the Start Menu (grouped windows are considered as one item). When you click on Window Key + 1 it will give the group option to select between the folders Downloads and Movies.
Keyboard Shortcut to open new Instance of Application Windows 7

This is a yet again another useful shortcut key using Windows Logo key.

Shortcut Key : Windows Key + Shift + <number>

tray 2 More Navigation Shortcut Tricks with Windows Logo Key in Windows 7

This key will open a new instance of the application that you select. The number system selection is same as in the previous trick. For example in the above image, Pressing Window Key + Shift + 2 will open a new Google Chrome tab. The existing window will get a new flash like effect and the new window will open adjacent to the old one. The above image is captured at that particular instance.
Keyboard Shortcut to get Right Click options in Start Menu Windows

Right click on windows in Start menu is not so popular, but still few applications have provided some useful options. For example, clicking right on Firefox will display a set of actions, where in you an open a new tab or a window, or start private browsing. Now you can do that using a keyboard shortcut key.

Shortcut Key : Window Key + Alt + <number>

The numbering is same as the above two keyboard shortcuts.

tray 3 More Navigation Shortcut Tricks with Windows Logo Key in Windows 7

If you find any cool unknown shortcuts using Window Key, do share us using the Comment Box below. And as a note to our readers, this our 499th post in ByteChip. The 500th post will be written by Neo.
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