Author Topic: How to design Tables in WordPress  (Read 4408 times)


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How to design Tables in WordPress
« on: January 29, 2012, 07:40:29 AM »
If you are a WordPress user, you would probably know how tough it is to implement a table on WordPress, particularly exporting a table from Excel to your post, will be probably the toughest job that you will encounter that day. I have tried to add a table using Excel, Word, Live Writer and even through my Open Office products, but no use WordPress table formatting can make you go crazy if you are doing it manually.
Problems with table on WordPress

    Not enough support for Table Formatting.
    The alignment of the table will differ when pasted on WordPress.
    The table formatting is not allowed, you can have a single color table, but using tables with alternate colors on row, will take a lot of manual work to do.
    Tables width and column cannot be resized on WordPress, unless you edit the HTML code of the post, which is again so unfriendly.

Solution for better WordPress Table

The above mentioned problems can be solved by using a plugin called WordPress Table Reloaded, This plugin is one amongst the few plugins that can really save you from lot of manual work. The plugins can import tables from CSV or any other format and can convert them into a nice and stylish Javascript  enabled table. Click to see a demo of WordPress Table Reloaded.

How to add the formatted table to post

After creating the table, inserting it into the post  is very easy, Use the following syntax for inserting the table on the given location.
[table "<ID>" not found /]

Replace ID with the actual ID of the table, you can see them in the list table option as shown below.

Click here to Download this  Plugin
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