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Title: How to: install VLC Player in Linux
Post by: bbasujon on January 29, 2012, 07:55:14 AM
There are three ways of Installing VLC Player in Linux. They are

    One Click Method (Not present for all linux distributions)
    Yast-> Software Management Method
    Using Command Line

One Click Method

    Visit the VLC Website


Choose the Linux Distribution that you are using.

The sub menu page will pop up on your screen with different versions of the selected distro.(Incase the version you are using is not there, select its immediate predecessor)


Clicking on any of the version, will trigger the Yast Package Handler.


Select OK , This will complete the VLC Player Installation on Linux

Open YaST -> Software -> Installation Sources / Software Repositories


Select Add New Repository

    After adding the repository, search for “VLC“and install the application.

Command Line Method

    Open the “Terminal” (or Konsole icon biggrin How to: install VLC Player in Linux ) and login as the root user. (use SU or SUDO)
    Type the following Commands (the commands are respective to OpenSUSE 11.2, for other version check out the commands which are displayed in the VLC Site)
    sudo zypper ar http://download.videolan.org/pub/vlc/SuSE/11.2 VLC
    sudo zypper mr -r VLC
    sudo zypper in vlc
    This is download VLC and Install it automatically.Suggestions: Incase you need tutorials on any other application in Linux or Windows, please drop in at the comment. We will soon write them for our readers.