Author Topic: How to use Ultrasurf in Linux  (Read 7731 times)


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How to use Ultrasurf in Linux
« on: February 04, 2012, 07:51:15 PM »
This is a short tutorial on how to get ultrasurf work in Linux environment. There are quite few proxy softwares which are designed to work in Linux, but not many of them are good enough to all requirements. Ultrasurf is one of the portable and the light weight proxy software. Although its developed only for the Windows environment, you can use Ultrasurf with any emulator and get it working in your favorite Linux distribution, be it Ubuntu or Fedora or any other.
Pre requisites

    You need to have Wine installed in your Linux Distribution.
    Incase you face any problem with DLL issues, use the solution given in this troubleshoot tutorial.

How to use Ultrasurf in Linux

    Download Ultrasurf (most often comes in a archive .zip file), extract the file to a specific destination.
    In my case I have extracted it to the Downloads directory in Ubuntu.
    Open Ultrasurf (.exe) file with Wine Program Loader.
    The below window pops up, click on the Options icon and select Proxy Settingsto set your network proxy settings.

Click on Ok to apply the settings. Ultrasurf has now been configured. A status message saying ‘Successfully connected to the server’ will appear if the proxy settings you gave are valid.
Now you need to change the proxy setting of your browser to connect through Ultrasurf. The proxy settings that must been given in the browser are (IP Address : and (Port : 9666).

    Your browser and ultrasurf is configured and you are now free to open all blocked websites in your network.

P.S. Incase your college network has restriction on download file size (eg. you cannot download a file greater than 15 mb), ultrasurf gets rid of this problem for you. So no more ‘The request or reply is too large’.

Also you cannot use ultrasurf to download torrents.

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