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Laptop battery buying tips
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:35:16 AM »
Main batteries

Laptop batteryThe main battery is the battery used to power laptop computers. When looking to purchase a new main battery from a third-party make sure you're getting the correct battery. Verify the below specifications either from the bottom of the battery or from the computer manufacturer.

Type - Get the right battery: Nicad, NiMH, or Li-ion.
Manufacturer - Some portables may use a certain manufacturer of battery. Verify if a third-party manufacturer's battery was used. Also ensure that the battery is not proprietary and that it is possible to purchase from a third-party.
Voltage - Verify the Voltage of battery, this amount can vary depending on the battery.
mAH - Verify the mAH of the battery, this amount can vary depending on the battery.


Before purchasing the battery, see if the battery comes with any warranty and how long the warranty may be. This will make things easier if it's defective that it is possible to return the battery for a new battery or for a refund.

Prices can vary depending upon quantity of batteries and how old the laptop is.

Where to buy

Your laptop computer manufacturer is often the best first place to get a price quote on a replacement battery. After doing this check any of the below links to get a price quote comparison and find the cheapest solution.

Batteries Plus
Rayovac Direct
Laptop batteries planet

Charge the battery properly

Once you have received the battery if it includes documentation for how to charge it for the first time make sure to follow those instructions exactly. Otherwise it's recommended that you charge the battery for at least 24-hours before use.


See the battery recycling section for further information about properly recycling your old defective battery.

CMOS batteries

Picture of CMOS lithium battery on motherboardThe CMOS battery is used to store system information such as the time and date and should be replaced when receiving error "System battery dead", the computer does not keep the time or date, or if you are losing a dramatic amount of time over a period of time.

Before replacing the CMOS battery you need to know what battery the computer is using. This can be done either by opening the computer and locating the battery or through the motherboard / computer documentation. We suggest visiting a local Radio Shack if you've got the battery but can't identify it or to purchase a new battery.

Bridge batteries

The bridge battery is a small battery that holds a charge for a sufficient amount of time while swapping between main batteries. If you believe that this battery is defective or bad, it is recommended that you contact your laptop manufacturer for a replacement part.

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