Author Topic: How to Find Email ID of Orkut Profile  (Read 2956 times)


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How to Find Email ID of Orkut Profile
« on: January 28, 2012, 07:09:46 PM »
The old tricks on how to fine Email ID of Orkut Profile have all expired. Orkut has now revised their system, that the old tricks will now to fetch the Email ID of Orkut Users.

The earlier two ways to find the email id was
    To give a friend request to the person and see his id in the “Awaiting Confirmation” list.
    “Ignore User” the particular Orkut user and you can see his email Id on the blocked list of Gtalk.

With these two system fail to deliver the Email ID one must use alternative methods to find them. However there is not 100% probability to find the email id. Here are some of the tricks to find the email id of the Orkut user.
Searching for Email ID

Perform a search for the Person name with “@” appended in the search. For example if, I’m going to search for a user named “Sandeep Pakki”. Search for a query like this “Sandeep Pakki” “” . The probability to find all depends on the uniqueness of the name and the chances that the use exposed his email id in other sites.
gmail orkut email How to Find Email ID of Orkut Profile

Find Orkut User Email ID
Searching Facebook & Other Social Media Sites

Some people fail to restrict their ids from strangers, especially in sites with various privacy hooks, you can get the email id of the person. Facebook , MySpace and LinkedIN are some of the favorite choices for this. And ofcourse as mentioned above the chances of finding the email id depends.
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