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: Features of Kaspersky Parental Control
: bbasujon February 08, 2012, 09:37:06 PM
Kaspersky Parental Control has lot of features that ensures the safety and at same time restricts the usage of computer for users. In Kaspersky Parental Control you can restrict and specify the rules of different users accordingly. These are the features of Kaspersky Parental Control.
Kaspersky Parental Control Features

    Specify the Computer usage time per day
    Specify days of the month where the usage must be restricted
    Complete User restriction report log available
    Allow / Block the user from opening a particular application in the computer
    Limit the Internet Usage in the given days of the month
    Block websites that are belong to un-appropriate categories.
    Restrict the type of downloads by the user, you can restrict the user from downloading Archives, Video Files and Applications.
    Full Control over Instant Messaging.
    Block a particular user in the messenger using the email id or the account name
    Restrict access to Social Networking websites
    Monitor specify words used in the computer
    Secure from transmission of private data such as Credit card details, bank logins etc.