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: How to Enable or Disable Task Manager in Windows
: bbasujon February 01, 2013, 06:30:07 PM
This is one of the frequent faced problem by every Window user, especially on the case of a virus attack, your Task Manager, Registry Editor and other Administration tools will be locked out. Though you can download any bug fixing tools to get enable them back, they can be very well done without theme.

Enable Task Manager

1 . Click on the Start Menu and invoke the “Run” Command.

2 . Enter gpedit.msc in the Run Window and click “OK” button, this will invoke the Group Policy Editor.

3 . Now browse to “User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Ctrl + Alt + Del” Option.

4 . Now in the right panel, double click on “Remove Task Manager“.
5 . A window will open and display three options in it, “Not Configured“, “Enabled“, “Disabled“.

    Select “Disable” option and click “Ok” button.
    Thats it now the TASK MANAGER will be enabled.

Problem:   Some Cases even after enabling the Task Manager, it get disabled again automatically.
Solution:   This case your computer is infected with some virus, which runs in the background. This case its advisable to first scan your computer for virus and malware.

Software to fix Task Manager:

Incase you have problem enabling the Task manager, you can also make use of Task Manager fix software. Click here to download (http://www.taskmanagerfix.com/)